This is just who I am! Or..am I?

“That’s just who I am!”. How often have you heard someone else or yourself saying this? Or, maybe you’ve caught yourself thinking this? while dealing with a confrontation or with your own conflicting thoughts.


When we blame “our personality” for something, we’re giving away our power to grow. While complying to the belief that our personality dictates

  • who we are, 
  • what we do and 
  • how we deal with situations, experiences and others. 

Yet, research has shown that our personalities are far from fixed, as they are actually malleable and fluid (Mottus, R; University of Edinburgh). Does that mean you are able to become an extravert while you’ve always been more introverted? Probably not, nor would you probably want that. What it does mean is that you are able to develop yourself in such a way that you’re able to deal with certain situations or personality types far more easily and effectively than before.

For that reason we developed the workshop ‘Your Personality in Colors’. To give participants insight into who they are, their assumptions about self, and their ability to deal with their “personality allergies”.


Personality allergies
Some behaviors just seem to tick you off, and it’s probably because they’re the mere opposite of one of your core competencies. Or, they may oppose one of your values. When it comes to something you’re really good at; for example being structured and always arriving on time (maybe even 10 minutes early). The opposite of that behavior, ie being chaotic, spontaneous and just in time (or slightly later). The two of you might not click.. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be unable to collaborate or become friends. There’s power in both.


Personality colors
Many people think their personality can be categorized in just one singular color. Yet most of our personality test results show that we often have a pallet of colors. And, even more interesting..our tests show a difference in the conscious and unconscious personality. (But that’s something for another article). See where your personality fits best:

  • Blues are deep and analytical thinkers who have an eye for detail and enjoy structure. They like to approach things from a logical and systematic perspective; vagueness is something they dislike.
  • Yellows are social, expressive, easy to approach and very imaginative. They are high energy fast paced thinkers who dislike impersonal interactions.
  • Greens are patient, relaxed and emotional. They are informal and easy to get along with; they tend to take their time and try to create harmony when in a group.
  • Reds often are strong willed, fast paced thinkers. They are leaders, not afraid to take risks. They like to take action, and may often lack patience.
If you’re excited to learn more about your personality, or your friends’, family or team members scroll down to learn more about our workshop and tests. Feel free to contact us!

Your Personality in Colors

Personality Test

Before taking part in the workshop we give all participants access to our platform to complete our deep personality test.

Group Workshop

During our workshop of 1,5 – 2 hours two of our trainers will share the results and provide clarity in an interactive setting. Groups can be as big as 25, and as small as 5.

Insights & Confidence

Our workshop and comprehensive test report will provide participants with:

  • an understanding of their strenghts and core competencies
  • insight into their personal color scheme
  • concrete ways to deal with their “personality allergies”
  • comprehension why collaboration with different personality types may be challenging
  • plan of action to improve and work more from flow


Contact us via info@profectus-instituut.nl